APICMO is a pharmaceutical company developing the key intermediates of new drugs. It is focused on providing a complete system of synthetic and customized services for drug research and  development agencies and pharmaceutical companies.


Company Overview

APICMO is a pharmaceutical company specializing in key intermediates for new research and development of oncology, providing system development, synthetic customization, mass production and other services for drug research and development institutions and pharmaceutical companies; APICMO in chemical, biologically derived pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs and fines The development of chemicals, quality control, cGMP manufacturing, project management, and marketing have a very strong advantage.

APICMO has a strong R&D team and experienced scientists – Dr. JACK. We have a large-scale production plant and business development management team. The APICMO team management members are mostly from developed countries such as the United States, Europe and Japan. More than 10 years of industry experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies. After more than ten years of market accumulation, APICMO has a broad base of cooperation in the pharmaceutical intermediates industry.



Custom synthesis and contract R&D

APICMO can offer the following services, all of which are underpinned by our strong policies on Intellectual Property (IP) protection, ensuring projects are handled in the strictest of confidence at all times.

Small-scale & large-scale manufacturing

For the last ten years, APICMO has been providing outstanding custom synthesis and manufacturing services. Our service level can range from milligram’s small batch to tons of large-scale manufacturing services.

Building blocks for drug discovery

APICMO for Drug Discovery is a cloud-based, cognitive solution that analyzes scientific knowledge and data to reveal known and hidden connections that can help increase the likelihood of scientific breakthroughs.

Process R&D and new route development

Our chemical development team, comprised of more than 50 scientists in our countries, exceeds expectations on even the most challenging projects. Working in state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the latest process and analytical instrumentation.

We Are Trusted By World’s Leading Companies


All members of APICMO are committed to high quality and cGMP manufacturing requirements to ensure that APICMO’s services and products meet the highest quality standards.


APICMO also provides process validation, quality studies, impurity studies and stability studies to meet customer IND and NDA requirements.


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Year 2017-2018

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